Types of Samples

Our standard and preferred sample type is a buccal swab – this is a sponge on a stick that you rub on the inside of your cheek in order to collect skin cells. Your testing fee includes the swabs to take this type of sample. We can also accept blood FTA cards as a standard sample (at no additional fee). However, we do recognize that there may be a need for more discrete testing and can therefore process other types of samples.

If you wish to submit a sample other than the buccal swab please contact us to discuss the sample options to ensure you are sending the best possible sample. We will gladly process your test order personally. Please note that these types of test orders cannot be processed through our website at this time.

Non-standard samples:

(subject to an additional fee of $50/sample on top of the test fee):

  • toothbrush (used only by one person);
  • >5 hair roots (it is important that each hair has a root on it, as that is where we are getting the DNA from);
  • fingernail clippings;
  • any blood sample other than blood FTA card;
  • cigarette butts;
  • condom;
  • Q-tip with ear wax;
  • licked envelope/stamp;
  • used glass/can/bottle/pacifier;
  • bodily fluid stains (cutting from bed sheet/clothing);
  • skin cells (swab of hat, gloves).

Large items that require examination/sub-sampling:

(subject to an additional fee of $100/sample on top of the test fee):

  • clothing, sheets, blankets, etc. with bodily fluids (if you are having a semen or blood identification test done, that test fee includes the processing of this type of sample), or skin cells.