Important information to consider before deciding between a POM or a legal test

You must decide prior to starting your DNA test if you wish to have the results for legal purposes (for use in a court of law, for a government department, etc.) or for your own peace of mind.

For a peace of mind test, we mail you the swabs and all the necessary paperwork. At your convenience, you collect the samples, complete the paperwork, and return the completed kit to us. As a result, there is no chain of custody and these results may not be accepted for legal purposes.

For a legal test, we do not send the swabs to you. Instead, you must attend a collection with an approved service provider, as well as produce photo identification. The collector then sends the samples and paperwork directly to our laboratory. Thus, a proper chain of custody is maintained on the samples and these results will be accepted for legal purposes.

RPC will contact you to make arrangements for sample collection in your area. Because of the difference between the two types of tests and how samples are collected, you cannot upgrade from a peace of mind test to a legal test after the fact.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss which type of test is more appropriate for your situation.