At RPC we make ordering your test kits easy. Your tests kits will arrive at the supplied address(es) with all the necessary forms and instructions you need to collect the samples. Simply send the samples back to our laboratory in the postage paid envelope provided (or in person) and we will supply you with the test results within 5 business days of receiving all samples.

All our testing is confidential and results will only be released to those who are specified

Important Note Regarding Legal Testing:

For a legal test, we do not send the swabs to you. Instead, you must attend a collection with an approved service provider, as well as provide photo identification. The collector then sends the samples and paperwork directly to our laboratory. Thus, a proper chain of custody is maintained on the samples and these results will be accepted for legal purposes. RPC will contact you to make arrangements for legal sample collection in your area.

Note: All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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