Forensic and Infidelity Testing

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Identification of Semen

This test will determine if a stain on bedding, clothing, etc. is semen (or not).

Identification of Human Blood

This test will determine if a stain on clothing, bedding, etc. is human blood (or not).

Comparison Test

A comparison test will determine if the DNA in two separate samples have come from the same person. Oftentimes this is an appropriate follow-up to a positive semen or blood identification test.

What can I expect my result to say?

Semen/Blood ID
The results issued for an identification of semen or blood test will be either positive for semen or human blood or negative for semen or human blood.

Comparison Test
The results issued for a comparison test will be either matching, whereby the tested samples are found to have identical DNA at the tested regions or mismatching, whereby the tested samples do not have identical DNA at the tested regions. Please note that identical twins/triplets will show identical DNA at the tested regions, and this should be considered when deciding whether this test will answer the question you are trying to pose. If you wish to order a comparison test please contact us. The cost for this analysis is $399 CDN.