Parentage Testing

A paternity/maternity test will tell you if a man or woman is (or is not) the biological parent of a child.



Relationship Analysis

Relationship testing determines if two or more people are biologically related. Testing can include siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, and cousins.



Zygosity Testing

A zygosity test can be used to determine if twins, triplets, etc. are identical or non-identical (fraternal).




We can generate your genetic (DNA) fingerprint (also known as a profile or genotype) for you or your children.



Forensic and Infidelity Testing

This testing identifies if a sample is human blood or semen. Comparison testing is also available where we can confirm if DNA from two separate samples have come from the same person.



Immigration Testing

DNA testing is often used to verify a biological relationship between individuals, and can be used to support an application to immigrate to Canada.


RPC Genetics makes testing as easy as 1, 2, 3:


ORDER: Contact us ( to order your test kit(s) for the analysis you require.


SAMPLE COLLECTION: Conduct the non-invasive sampling in the privacy of your own home.1


SEND: Send the sample(s) back to our lab in the envelope provided.

• Personalized service from our qualified laboratory analysts via telephone, email, or in person.

• >99.9% accurate

• Results are ready in 5 business days from the receipt of all required samples.

• Easy, non-invasive kit you can use at home!

• Sample analysis is conducted in our laboratory on-site.

• ISO 17025 accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as listed on the scope of accreditation found on the SCC website.

1For Peace of Mind (POM) testing only. Legal samples must be collected by an approved service provider to retain the proper chain of custody.